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Upon the strange monthly appearance of the Blood Moon, mysterious beings have stalked the alleyways, looking for people to hunt. Set in a world where strict hierarchy and prejudice reigns, the less fortunate must struggle to survive in an increasingly dangerous world. When demon-like shapeshifters known as "Axis" start mysteriously appearing, those without shelter have nowhere to hide. This story follows the lives of several people and their struggles for survival in troubled times, as well as finding love and acceptance with those least expected. **Contains BL & occasional violence/gore** Note 03/23/15 - I am going to completely revamp the pages. The story will stay relatively the same so far, but the character designs and artwork will be slightly altered. Thank you for your patience. -

Species: Axis (White Leopard)

Human Age: 17

Gender: Male

Generally quiet and reserved, he is deadly when provoked. Tends to dislike humans due their treatment towards him in the past, however he does not like to get into confrontations. His strongest traits are his stealth and agility, and he can sneak up on anyone he wants, yet this seldom happens as his first instinct when facing danger is a defensive one - to run away. Josh is often in his human form, and his sweet, innocent appearance makes it easy for him to manipulate others.

Thomas Cerny

Species: Human

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Tom is what one calls a proper 'street urchin', growing up homeless and orphaned. He often wanders the streets, rummaging through trash or hunting for rats or stray cats for food. His strength and cunning have enabled him to survive for so long in Axis infested streets. He is able to fight off common class Axis, but fears his luck will not last. He is caring, loyal, and protective of his friends and the ones he love.

The Masked Man

Species: ???

Age: ???

Gender: ???

A mysterious masked stranger that appeared on the streets immediately prior to the arrival of the Axis. Whether he caused the appearance of Axis or not has not been positively proven. His identity is unknown.